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Mounted Disc Plough ITCI Type
tops Advantage
The chetak itc plough is designed to work in all type of soil for basic function such as soil is used to open the new fields and to process the stony area it can be used easily at rocky and rooted is especially useful in hard and dry trashy land condition and in soil where scouring is a major problem it can handle the toughest ploughung job with outstanding penetration performance.

Technical Specifications
Size (2 Bottom)  (3 Bottom)
Frame Extra heavy duty channel flat & plate (100x50,  35x75 & 200x12) mm Extra heavy duty channel flat & plate (100x50,  35x75 & 200x12) mm
Axle Type Spindle Spindle
Mounted Cat ii Cat ii
Length 1752.6 mm 2343.6 mm
Width 1341.6 mm 1561.6 mm
Height 1244.6 mm 1244.6 mm
Scrapper 5 mm 5 mm
Weight Approx 370 kg 435 kg
Tractor Power (hp) 35 - 40 40 - 50

Note :
The contents of this catalogue are only giving information to the end user without engagement from our side. The company can modify specifications of the total machine and it's components without any previous notice.

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