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Seedrill Machine
tops The seeding attachment is designed to use with all types of 9 tine tillers. Seed is fed for sowing by gravity from a hopper through pre-selected holes via plastic tubes to boots fitted on the tiller tines. Clogging and bridging of seed at the aperture is prevented by special rubber agitators mounted on a shaft driven by the ground wheel.

To cover requirements of a variation in seeds and seeding rates, a set of strip is supplied and the aperture of holes is adjustable by handle provided at the side of hopper.

The chetak seed drill is used for simultaneous activates of seeding and fertilization process in a single operated .it can be retrofitted to a tractor of 35 hp and above. It drills seeds and fertilizer together but delivers them separately in a single drive, seeds are drilled at different depths thus improves germination. Separate containers for seed.

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